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In 2015 one of my big goals is to share some of the knowledge I have after 8 years of photographing weddings.

Knowledge that sometimes pertains to photography or being photographed, and knowledge that sometimes is just about the day and how to plan for it and enjoy it better. While I am not by any means a planner, I’ve seen so many weddings in my time to know what works well and what doesn’t. And I also have a treasure trove of little tips tricks and ideas in my head that could maybe help you plan your wedding a little bit easier, or give you just that perfect idea that you were looking.

So in 2015, expect to see more than just posts from past sessions, and weddings but of tips and tricks to help you make your wedding just what you want it to be!

This month the theme is planning and organization, and we are starting with some Seattle Wedding Venue ideas!

As many are newly engaged right after the holidays, hopefully you will enjoy these posts.

seattle wedding venues

seattle wedding venues

If you are newly planning your wedding, your first plan of attack is usually your wedding venue. There are so many different options of amazing venues in Seattle and through the PNW. I’ve photographed quite a few, and I put together a list of amazing venues I’ve worked at that I know hold great parties and are great to work with (from a vendors point of view!).

I’ve just launched a great new resource of different Seattle area wedding venues that I’ve worked at and linked the blogs I’ve posted about the weddings at said venue. It was quite a lot of work, but hopefully it will be a great resource to not only see a selection of amazing venues in town (and around the area) but also to see a good selection of different weddings I’ve photographed without having to go find them yourself in my blog!

So come and check out these Seattle Wedding Venues

(image below is a screen capture of the page on my main site. Just click the link above to go straight there!)

seattle wedding venues thumbnail

seattle wedding venues thumbnail

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