Seattle Family Photographer with Cousins and All •
Seattle Family Photographer with Cousins and All

 kids falling back on bed during a family photo session.

 Being a family photographer holds some fun and unexpected moments.

More often than not, children surprise me with their antics, and this session was no different. This one happened in my home as my niece was turning 7 months old, and always showing off all her amazing personality and I knew I had to capture this moment in time.

When there are three other kiddos in the house, they don’t take kindly to the idea of one getting all the attention, so while we tried to do a quick fun session of little baby Reese, soon her sister Remy, and my two kids Scarlett and Lincoln decided they just must be part of this little shoot.

We played a bit of peek a boo with Reese, then she showed us her newfangled skills with her toes until the other three kiddos came to join the party. In full toddler action, they insisted being part of Reese’s photo shoot…

until I finally said yes.

And then they wanted to do none of the things I asked lol.

So, we did as we do when photographing children, and let them run the show and see what happens. While this particular time, we didn’t get the classic child portrait with everyone sitting and smiling, there is no doubt we see into all four of their personalities.

Enjoy 🙂

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