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Did You Know You Don’t Have to Leave Seattle for an Epic Engagement Session in the Woods?

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Seattle is one of those places people tend to seek out. When the weather behaves between this time of year and late September, I honestly don’t think there is a better place in the world to be.

We have this amazing city with delicious food and amazing art community, but when you want to get out of the city and feel the woods around you, you just have to hop in your car, trek through the pain of I-5 and head towards the freedom of the mountains. 

Within an hour, you’re breathing that mountain air, listening to the crack of sticks under your boots and the birds whistle above. You are fully enveloped in nature. It’s an amazing thing. And it’s something that many Seattleites who are getting married love about our city.

So I get the request regularly to travel out of the city, find a spot in the mountains and capture them and their love in a place that they love so much. I’ve done this so many times, but sometimes because of scheduling, taking that trek out to the mountains is just not feasible.

Sometimes we need to find something magical in the city, but make it feel like we are breathing that mountain air. And you know what? We can and we do.

Because what so many don’t realize is how amazing the parks in the Seattle area are.

You don’t have to drive out of the city to feel like you are in the woods. Sometimes it’s a quick park in the parking lot and a couple minute walk down the path and instantly we are one million miles away from the city and sharing in the nature that we love.

This park is one of those gems. It’s here in the North end of the city, quiet, beautiful trees and only a handful of walkers with their pups to pass us by as we capture these moments.

It’s my favorite park to make it seem like we are in the mountains, but no traffic to go.

Can you tell what park this is? Guess in the comments. I’ll give a hint, it’s on the North end.

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