A Rainy Day Won’t Stop This Seattle Courthouse Wedding

Rain won’t stop this Seattle Courthouse Wedding!

When you get married in October in Seattle, you have to assume there is a fair chance of some rain on your wedding day. And for Jennie and Josh’s Seattle Courthouse Wedding, there was definitely rain! Just check out these photos!

We met up at the courthouse about an hour and a half before their ceremony time. It was raining, but not a ton so we took some photos outside the courthouse, then grabbed our umbrellas and took a walk to the Seattle library.

It was raining when we started photos outside of the Seattle Courthouse, but not enough to damper the moods of these two love birds.

We took a stroll down the the Seattle library as it’s a fun and beautiful space for indoor portraits especially when raining. We were in the library for about 20 minutes when we decided to head back to the courthouse for their time slot with the judge, but when we left the library, it was an epic downpour.

The rain was coming down sideways, but we still had 2 blocks to walk. We went briskly, but what I loved about Jennie and Josh, was that they were not phased one bit by the rain, sideways falling as it was.

We met up with their neighbors who were their witnesses for the day since they’d just moved from Portland and their neighbors were fast friends!

We headed inside the courthouse to meet with the judge, and have their quick ceremony in chambers before they headed off to dinner just the four of them!

Check out the rest of their Seattle courthouse wedding photos below!

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