Lisa and Lisa Married at Hidden Meadows •
Lisa and Lisa Married at Hidden Meadows

Lisa and Lisa have the type of comfortable happiness when together that people yearn for. When people have asked me if I am a same sex wedding photographer, I always say yes. I am a photographer who loves to photograph people in love. How that love is doesn’t really matter to me, but what matters is that two people have found happiness in each other and fall asleep at night comfortable in the embrace of the one that makes their heart sing.

So, when Jenny from New Creations wedding planning introduced me to Lisa and Lisa, I was excited to hear about their story and their love and the excitement they had to take on the next stage of life together not just as partners, but as wife and wife.

They got married on muggy summer day in Snohomish at Hidden Meadows. The wild fires had been raging on the other side of the mountains for a couple weeks and the smoke and haze was finding it’s way to us on the West side of the mountains. It created a slightly pink hazy day warm and full of warm beautiful light where these two women laughed loudly, hugged tightly and yes an enthusastic YES I DO to the question of the moment.


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