Rent the Runway Dress for your Engagment Photos? Yes please! | Katie & Chris •
Rent the Runway Dress for your Engagment Photos? Yes please! | Katie & Chris

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These two really knows how to bring it. Full of personality and charm, I knew I was going to love getting to know them, but when Katie and Chris got out of their car when we met up for their engagement portraits at Carkeek Park a couple weeks ago, they surprised me with a stunning dress from Rent the Runway and a tux.

For those who don’t know, Rent the Runway is a site that lets you rent beautiful designer dresses for events or even photo shoots. I loved that she took the initiative and they looked stunning together for their portraits. Her in a floor length gold sequined dress that she looked amazing in, and Chris with his arm out for her in a fitted black suit! 

We walked around a bit in the forest around Carkeek, and I loved the juxtaposition of their formal attire and our forest location. Just a bit of the unexpected and two amazing people make for some images that I love!

To give options, they brought a more casual outfit too for walking down on beach. Walking hand in hand along the shore, you can imagine them enjoying the sunset after a long day at work. Enjoying the scenery and each other. Simple and effortless. The way it should be. I’m looking forward to their Fremont Foundry wedding in January, where we will likely get a completely different look to their images which is also exciting!

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