Product Feature - The Trifold Photo Display •
Product Feature – The Trifold Photo Display

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There are tons of new products out on the market for photographs these days. From the modern canvas to the new acrylics, from regular prints to flush mount beautifully designed albums. And then there are the classics. The simple products that showcase your photos off beautifully, maybe without the bells and whistles, but still a beautiful showcase. That is what the trifold is all about.
The trifold can hold 3 8×8 images, or 3 5×7 images with inserts, and are perfect for the old school display of images on a mantel. The trifold is perfect Grandma and Grandpa’s house, or gifts for other family members. The images are big enough to show the beauty of the subjects but not so big that a family member would think twice about putting it up in their home. The best part of the trifold is that it folds together and keeps the images safe, so years down the road, when your baby is all grown up and looking through boxes of photos, this trifold will last the ages and they will be able to treasure the images just like you did.Trifold photo display, a new product from Rebecca Ellison photography

Is your family in need of new portraits? If so, please email me and we can chat about creating new memories of your family!

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