Wedding and Engagement Portrait Intimacy | Why it's important •
Wedding and Engagement Portrait Intimacy | Why it’s important

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Engagement portrait intimacy is important to show your affection for your partner photographed by Rebecca Ellison Photography

A little public display of affection, or PDA for short.

It’s something that some couples do naturally and don’t even notice it and it’s something that makes other couples really uncomfortable. Some people are just more private, and that is that. But don’t be surprised when I ask on your engagement session or at your wedding for you to increase your natural level of PDA a notch or two. And yes, I will ask that of you whether you are anti PDA or PDA friendly.

Why is PDA so important in your photos?

It’s how people can tell at a glance how into each other you are. No matter how comfortable you are with PDA, chances are you don’t snuggle up on any ol’ person you meet (especially if you fall into the category of anti PDA with even your fiance). So, if you are so comfortably snuggled in their arms in your photos, it tells the viewer that you two are a couple. It conveys so much that no amount of standing near someone and smiling lovingly at them while not touching can ever convey.

Ever heard the phrase “actions speak louder that words?” It works in photos too. If you are physically showing that you are tuned into each other by snuggling into their arms, locking fingers while walking down the street, or that spontaneous kiss – on the lips or on the forehead- it screams “together” more than any words that can be spoken. PDA doesn’t mean you have to be inappropriate, it just means showing with body language that you wouldn’t want to be in anyone else arms.

When you head out to meet me for your engagement session, or we are running out for your portraits at your wedding, mentally prepare yourself to turn it up a notch.


Hug, snuggle canoodle and laugh. It’s the comfort and the emotions you portray when in each others arms that will make those photos sing or not.

But what if I fall into the “anti-PDA” group? It’s okay, take a breath and chat with me about how showing affection in public practically gives you hives. A quick fix for that little problem is to shoot your engagement session in a more private place; a place that people won’t be randomly walking by and seeing what you are doing.

For example : Pike Place Market on a sunny Saturday would be the wrong place to schedule your photos. Maybe we could go to your favorite coffee shop that you go to all the time together and ask if we can come in and shoot right after closing. That way we can still photograph at a place you love, but with out the extra eyes.

Or your apartment, someplace a bit more private where you feel comfortable lowering your guard a little and showing some affection knowing the only people there are your fiance and your photographer.

Either way, your photos will be more powerful and meaning if you snuggle up and show comfort in each others arms. The more comfort you show the stronger the connection will feel to the viewer of the photos.

I won’t ask you to get all randy in a public place…

But if you walk into the session expecting to canoodle and be a bit mushier than your normal day to day selves, you won’t hear me randomly yell out “KISS”! A spontaneous kiss because you want to will beat a “we’re kissing cuz she just told us to” kiss any day!

So the lesson today is relax and have fun loving each other and showing it, and your photos will be the better for it!


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