Family Maternity Portraits |Paula, Ian and Leo •
Family Maternity Portraits |Paula, Ian and Leo

Last time Paula was pregnant, I was hired to come and take maternity photos of her around 36 weeks, but on the way to her house for the maternity session, Paula called to let me know it would in fact be a newborn session instead as her beautiful son Leo came a “tad bit early.”
So when she called me two and a half years later, asking once again about maternity photos, we planned ahead and photographed her at 34 weeks along just to make sure little Sean didn’t arrive before she could have the mementos of beautiful maternity portraits.

I came back to her home, now alive with the energy and fun chaos of a family with a 2.5 year old boy. I walked into their warm home and was instantly befriended by little Leo, who, when I saw him last was a tiny 5 pound premie in daddies arms, and now is an inquisitive and talkative little boy who wanted nothing more than to play with me.

I have a son just two months younger than Leo, so I was happy to set my gear down, kneel down on the carpet and play some musical instruments with Leo for a couple minutes. While I may have been there primarily to capture Paula’s beautiful growing belly, it is just as important that little Leo feels included and is excited for his time in front of the camera too.

With a two year old, if you don’t show any interest in what they want to show you, what makes you think they will show you any interest in what you want them to do for the pictures?

After a couple minutes playing my off key/ no rhythm music (my fault not Leo’s), Paula and I want to help her chose what outfits would be best for our portrait session.

I know what will work and what won’t in photos, but most clients have no idea, or can be unsure of their choices. I love helping pick out a families outfit so that they look good and cohesive with out looking matchy-matchy. And I find myself doing that for most portrait sessions!

Paula is one of those people who radiate kindness and cares deeply for her family and others. You can tell by the way she helps convince Leo that it’s time for her pictures and his will come soon. How her and Ian interact with each other while managing outfits, a photographer and an excited two year old; and how she can easily take a moment to breathe it all in and focus on the beautiful baby growing inside of her.

She is a beautiful woman inside and out and the boys in her house are well loved because of her nature.

These are some of my favorite images from her maternity portraits. All photographed inside her home, or in the backyard. We took advantage of a fun blue wall, her big front window with curtains defusing the light and the lush greenery of her backyard in summer.

Maternity portraits of a woman expecting her baby photographed by Rebecca Ellison PhotographyAn expectant mother gazes at her growin belly during maternity portraits featuring a lace skirt photographed by Seattle maternity photographer Rebecca EllisonA father and son leave their painted handprints on a pregnant belly as they await the 4th member of their family during family maternity portraits photographed by Rebecca Ellison photographyFamily maternity portraits featuring a father and son listening to pregnant belly photographed by Seattle maternity photographer Rebecca EllisonFamily maternity portraits of a mother, father and son waiting for the new baby photographed by Rebecca Ellison photographybaby number 2 is anxiously awaited by its family during family maternity portraits by Rebecca Ellison photography

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