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Outdoor Family Pictures with Baby | Greenlake with the S family

When the weather permits, I love outdoor family pictures with a baby!

The great time about the fall is that it’s usually still warm enough and not yet too cold so we can bring the babies outdoors for some family portraits.

Beth and Rusty are the best kind of clients. The ones that love life, and truly love having the important parts of their lives documented. I captured their Ray’s Boathouse wedding a couple years back when they were living in DC.

Now, they are back in Seattle and have added adorable little Owen to their family. Owen was 6 months old when we did this session and he was such a smiley little guy.

When I take a baby outdoors to photograph them, we make sure they are dressed warm and I bring not only a blanket for them to sit on, but also a waterproof sheet for under the blanket so any wet from the ground doesn’t soak through.

Since Owen wasn’t yet crawling, we were able to keep him on the blanket and entertained with some rounds of peek a boo. He was a delight to photograph, and it was just as amazing getting to watch Beth and Rusty be parents to this little guy!

He’s now grown and I photographed him at 18 months old for these outdoor family photos too where he was much more mobile!

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