A Summer Wedding at Newcastle Golf Club |:| Fan & Billy

Fan and Billy are the type of clients that you just love from the moment you meet them. When we met in my home studio 9ish months before their summer wedding at Newcastle Golf Club, they had their fabulous planner Stephanie from Every Last Details Events in tow, and the hour flew past as we all chatted and laughed.

That’s the best feeling to me, when you meet a couple who time flies by while chatting, you know that spending their wedding day with them will be no just a job but a truly fun day with people you really enjoy!

This last summer, the eastern half of our state was fighting many fires. After a fairly dry year, and then a couple of lightning storms, brush fires over took Eastern Washington which translated to an Orange hue overtaking Seattle. The sky seemed alight with the energy in the air which fit with the energy Fan and Billy bring to just about everything. This is a couple who can concur it all, and everyone with them will enjoy the ride!

With the majority of their guest list from the East Coast, Fan and Billy wanted to bring people together with an amazing view and to experience the PNW in a unique way, which Newcastle Golf Club is known for. The smoke across the mountains changed the usually epic view of downtown and replaced with a kind of energy and sparkle to the air, which was just as fitting.

We got to revel in Fan’s three outstanding dresses for her day. A traditional white western dress, a beautiful  traditional red Chinese wedding dress for her tea ceremony, and a short gold sequined dress for cutting loose on the dance floor with. She had each perfectly planned for the different moments of her day, and she rocked them all!


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