Newborn Photos with Family •
Newborn Photos with Family


The first year with a baby is such a crazy experience, but even so when it’s your second child in my opinion. The time you had to soak in the snuggles and cuddles of your first, you just don’t have time for with your second as you now have a toddler vying for your attention in the middle of those newborn snuggles. Your first born just doesn’t let you slow down and revel as much in the time as you did before!

Which is why I find newborn photos with family to be such a memorable thing to do. As the days fly by in a blur, you have the photos showing how tiny she was, how brother looked at her in such a confused and yet intrigued way. Brother still trying to figure out just what this new baby is doing in his house, and in such a short period of time, he won’t even remember a time without her presence.

Newborns change oh so much and oh so quickly that the memories you have via your photographs can sometimes be the only way you truly hold onto their tininess.

And check out her adorable tininess!!

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