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What do you have planned for Mother’s Day?

Hey there you! Have you started thinking about Mother’s Day yet?

Not yet?  It’s still only March, but I’d venture to say you could get ahead of the game this year and do something really special!

While most moms would be stoked with a good day to sleep in and maybe a coffee date with friends, we can surprise her with something even better (but, really you should do those other things too!)

When was the last time you had family photos done?

Haven’t thought of it? Well, I find it tends to be on something that most likely on your wife’s to-do list, but seeing that most mom’s shy away from the camera, it may be something that keeps dropping lower on that list of things to get done. Something she really wants to do but doesn’t want to plan. That’s where we step in!

Moms always find a way to avoid the camera. Mostly being the one in the family taking the photos and not loving being in the photos, but what many moms don’t realize is that they are missing having those memories with you and your kids when they are still little.

 Let’s surprise her with a family portrait session, as I who know not only how to make your kiddos laugh and smile the way you love, but I also have the experience in posing and angles to make sure Mom loves the way she looks as well!

To add to that, I also share a great guide on just what to wear for your sessions to make planning this session even easier. And if she is still not quite sure, I’m happy to hop on the phone with her before the session to strategize on outfits making sure you and the kids look good and she looks great!

Eventually, it will be that you can’t convince your teenagers to be in photos with you, no matter the amount of bribing, so take advantage of these times to get great photos together now while your kids are loving being with you in the photos!

So what’s the special you ask?

Book a portrait session for $200 and receive a $200 print credit which essentially makes your session free!!

Click the book now link below to send me an email, and in the subject line, please mention the Mother’s Day special!

You must pay the session fee of $200 no later than May 1st, and all sessions can be scheduled within 6 months of Mother’s Day. Trust me, your wife will be excited you planned this when you have beautiful portraits of the WHOLE family on the wall to remember this time with!

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