Maternity Photos with Dogs | Kailen and Dan •
Maternity Photos with Dogs | Kailen and Dan

Before adorable baby Fiona was born, Kailen and Dan’s first kids were the ever energized duo of Pixel and Rainier. Which my son promptly renamed to Pickle and Raindeer, which I think are pretty fabulous nicknames.

Earlier this summer, these two fabulous people ventured up from the Portland area with their fur babies for some maternity photos with Dogs. I’ve photographed pretty much all the big moments in Kailen and Dan’s lives, and so they didn’t blink when they had to come back up to the Seattle area for their maternity portraits. It helps their families are here too, so they could make a weekend of it.

We had grand ideas of photographing the pups all calm and quiet surrounding Kailen’s baby bump, but when you are working with two very energetic labs under the age of 3 each, you do what you can with the attention they will give you! In the end I love these more spontaneous images better as it shows Pixel and Rainier’s true personalities (but man the outtake reel lol!)

We had a blast roaming around the Ballard Locks capturing their family as it currently was before little miss Fiona arrived.

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