Why makeup artists are nearly as important as your wedding dress

Ever been in the checkout line at the supermarket and shamelessly picked up one of the array of trash mags sitting there to entice you? My husband is resigned to the fact that when we go shopping, he will usually have to unload the cart because I will get sucked into one of those magazines to get all caught up. He’s okay with it as long as I don’t ever buy one 🙂

Well, one of my favorite ridiculous articles that those magazines publish is the “Look at so and so WITHOUT MAKEUP!!!?!

Like it is some sort of amazing thing that these celebrities could possibly look like little ol’ you and me without their makeup on.

OMG they have bags under their eyes!! NO WAY! I thought they were perfect “non-humans” that roll out of bed looking oh so amazing.

Um… no.

The way that we are trained to think of how celebrities look : perfect and flawless is a product of a really good hair and makeup artist. They are just regular looking people that have bed head and smeared eye makeup when they wake up just like us, but before they are seen by the public 90% of the time, they sit in a chair and have a professional work on their hair and makeup for an average of 2 hours. Then they go out to whatever appearance they are going to and the public sees them.

That’s why we feel that they look so “bad” in those photos, is because we are trained to think of them in their “natural” state is actually more done up than most of us do on our wedding days

What does that have to do with you? Lots. That story in itself should be enough to convince you of the value of hiring a makeup artist (and a hair dresser too!) for your wedding day.

You are spending how many thousands of dollars on your wedding, the investment of usually less than $200 for a makeup artist is so important to presenting you at your best. Makeup is truly an art form and to make your makeup look amazing on your wedding day for the day itself and in your photos is best left to someone who understands how to make you look your best. Generally makeup needs to be put on a bit heavier for it to show up in your photos and wedding video, but it is a fine line between enough makeup to look amazing in your photos, but not so much that you look over done to the naked eye for all your guests.

Make the relatively small investment in a makeup artist and walk around all day with the confidence of knowing you look amazing.

Here are a couple of tips when you hire a makeup artist:

  • Plan ahead and expect that makeup will take about an hour and add on another hour of time if you have them do your hair as well. Tell them when you plan on having your portraits done during the day, and schedule them to be finished 30-45 minutes before that, as you need to leave time to get into your dress as well.
  • Most makeup artists include in their wedding makeup package a trial run before the big day so you can make sure you know what to expect come the wedding day. Schedule your makeup trial run on the same day your engagement session is scheduled. That way you will be all dolled up and looking flawless for your engagement session photos as well!
  • Then convince your honey to take you out on the town afterwards… because there is no reason to waste a day when you know you look amazing

This is a picture of one of my favorite makeup artist, Alisa Clark with Monaalisa Productions. If you are going to hire anyone, hire her!
If you are getting married in the Pacific Northwest and need a wedding photographer, contact me to see if I am available for your date.

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