A Late Summer Church Wedding with Reception at Lake Union Cafe | Meredith and John • rebeccaellison.com
A Late Summer Church Wedding with Reception at Lake Union Cafe | Meredith and John

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Meredith and John didn’t want to see each other before their summer wedding at a tiny church in downtown Seattle. But they still wanted to share a note. One of my favorite things when a couple wants to share a moment but also when they don’t want to see each other before their ceremony. I’ve posted some images from this love letter exchange before, and now, here is their full day.

John and Meredith met at a friend’s wedding 5+ years ago. They were both alums of Notre Dame and had maybe met in passing during school, but really had a chance to get to know each other at their friend’s wedding. The downfall was that they lived states away from each other. Meredith had moved to Seattle and John was down in the Bay area. They had a great weekend, but both pretty much assumed that that would be it. A couple weeks later, Meredith was telling her friend about John and how much she liked him as they had continued to text during those couple weeks.

Her friend convinced her to invite him to a summer bbq that was happening that weekend, and when Meredith did invite him, John had his ticket bought that night. From that point on these two were jet-setting up and down the west coast as many weekends as their jobs and their pocketbooks allowed until about 8 months later John found a job in the Seattle area and moved on up.

Four years later, they invited their friends to join them in their commitment to this life they’ve built for their late summer wedding. The reception was at the Lake Union Cafe on Eastlake. I old timey prohibition feel venue that is so unique to the area and a perfect way to showcase the city to their out of state family and friends!

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