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A Book Themed Woodland Park Zoo + Edgewater Wedding

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When a couple picks the Woodland Park Zoo for their wedding, you know it’s going to be a fun time. Kara and Nick love animals, books and the PNW, so having their wedding ceremony at the Rose Garden at the Woodland Park Zoo and then the reception at the Edgewater Hotel, it was the perfect way to show all who were coming out to see Seattle for the first time, a very PNW wedding!

Kara is an aspiring author, and chose to make a wonderfully executed book theme for their wedding reception. Each table named for a different classic book that she loves including little cut outs, props and pieces that help tell the story of the book. Executed by Pink Blossom Events, their amazing wedding planners and Calligraphy from Water and Chalk. The details were subtle and thoughtful and so perfect for the theme.

Their guest book was a tree growing out of a book to add to the theme and done beautifully as well!

Kara’s sister in law is German, and the couple gave her cart blanche to include some very German wedding games to the mix during the reception. The games brought the audience together for lots of laughter and fun. Including making the couple cut out a big heart in the door way to get into the reception. They played a spoon and string game, having two groups have to thread the string tied to the spoon through all their clothes (including 4 guests on each side) to see who got it done first.

And finally a game which had the audience bent over laughing where Nick put a sheet over his head, making it look like he had the body of a baby. Then Kara on the back side of the sheet put her hands and arms through the arms of the baby outfit making it look like Nicks, head and Kara controlled the arms.  Then, by her sister in laws guidance, helped Nick with things like shaving, eating, brushing his teeth and more all by touch.

It was a wild game for a wedding day, but oh so much fun!

Take a look at the silly photos of all the games at the bottom of this post!

Great vendor shout out to Pink Blossom Events, Salon Maison, Woodland Park Zoo, AnnMarie Juhlian, The Edgewater Hotel,  Honeycrumb Cakes and Water and Chalk!

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