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A Karaoke Wedding at Within Sodo of Brenna and Robert

Brenna and Robert met in the most unique way possible. They had some mutual friends who were putting together a karaoke fundraiser for the family of theirs that was impacted by the 2013 super typhoon that hit the Philipines. They both went to support the fundraiser and met over lip-syncing to their favorite songs. Their love of karaoke was so strong, that they wanted to make sure to have karaoke at their wedding which was an epic hit!

The day started out as most March days in Seattle. Grey and questionable on the weather, but that couldn’t stop the excitement bubbling from everyone in the VRBO the girls rented near Columbia City. While Brenna was still getting ready, it started to pour outside, but it never once phased her. She was getting married, and the day was perfect no matter what.

The rainstorm lasted about 10 minutes, in a major downpour and about 3 minutes before we needed to leave for the venue, the skies parted and we saw blue. The weather shifted just in time for us to meet Robert on the roof of Within Sodo for their first site, an emotion-packed moment that was palpable.

The girls looked amazing with their LBDs and pop of Brenna’s fave color yellow in their bouquets and shoes. The guys all relaxed and laughed, mostly at each other, through portraits creating amazing candids and memories to last.

When we were nearly done with portraits, and I was just placing the bridal party for their Vogue style bridal party shot, we saw the black clouds roll in. A splatter of rain hit the deck, and I asked for everyone to stay put and give me 10 seconds to get the photo. I clicked away and the rain started up just in time to pour moments after we walked back indoors. Since the ceremony and reception were both indoors, the rain could come. It mattered not.

Some of my favorite moments of the day were Brenna’s face when she came to see Robert for the first time. The look in Roberts’ eyes every time he looked at his bride, the twister game on the floor of the reception room that kids and adults alike enjoyed, their use of a photo booth long sword for their cutting of the cake, as they had forgotten those utensils,  and the beautiful karaoke rendition of “Can you feel the love tonight” that Robert sang to Brenna at the opening of the karaoke.

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