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Fall JM Cellars Winery Wedding | Laura and Daniel

JM Cellars. I love it for so many reasons.

1- Their wine… yum

2- They are the nicest

3- It’s amazing for wedding photos

This classic fall PNW wedding for Laura and Daniel was at JM Cellars and these guys agree with me about JM Cellars. They love their wine, are part of the JM Cellars wine club, and when they got engaged, they couldn’t think of another place that would be more fitting to have their intimate fall wedding at. And it meant they got to drink JM Cellars wine all night too! Not a bad trade.

Laura, just days before the wedding, took a bit of a fall and broke her ankle (!!!) and so she had a cast on through the day, and we made sure to move slow so that she could rest her foot whenever possible.  It was touching to see Daniel being so caring for her every need including coming back down the aisle during the ceremony to help Laura down the aisle.

They had a pretty stellar team with JM Cellars and wedding planning extrordinaire Pink Blossom Events too!

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