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iPhone Photography Field Guide Online Course is here!

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Visuals do 90% of the talking when it comes to your website and your social media feeds.

But hiring a photographer like me can be out of reach for many small businesses just starting out, or just not realistic for those businesses who need to be taking consistent photos of their work.

Does this sound familiar?

I thought so! I’ve watched the rise of small businesses these past couple of years, and how social media and easy to DIY websites have made it so convenient to get your business up and running, but the thing that always, and I mean ALWAYs stops me in my tracks, is when I see snap shot quality bland images used to attempt to attract clients to your businesses.

I see these images all over the place, and then I see people wondering why they can’t get any traction in their business.

When you rely on the world wide web to attract people to your business, it’s so critical to do the image part of the story correctly. Otherwise, people are going to pass your business right on by, without ever even looking further.

Because their first impression… that photo you shared did not convey the value of what your business is!

That is why I created this course teaching creatives just like you how to create beautiful images to grow your business using your iPhone!

The course is only open for enrollment from April 30th to May 6th for this beta run, and I can’t wait to show you how to really understand light and how to take beautiful images with that camera in your pocket!

Come check out the course details here!

iPhone Photography Field Guide for Creatives

Come take a look at all you will learn! It’s not just about your iPhone, it’s about how to create a compelling image for your business… it just so happens you can also do that with your iPhone!

Course is open for enrollment from 4/30-5/6/19

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