Relaxed Beach Wedding at the Edgewater House | Katie + Justin •
Relaxed Beach Wedding at the Edgewater House | Katie + Justin

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I just delivered this wedding to Katie and Justin yesterday. I invited them to my studio to come in and take an hour to relive their wedding via their wedding images. I started doing this post wedding reveal a couple years ago, and I truly love being able to carve out a moment for clients to relive their wedding while experiencing their images for the first time.
Katie kept exclaiming how she loved them, and how excited she was while they went through their slideshow of highlights and also started the discussion on their wedding album.

Photographs are so powerful in how they help you hold onto your memories, and I’m so excited that Katie and Justin have these images and an album for their memories.

And now to their story. Katie and Justin met in high school. They were friends and then dated a bit but broke up to go to college, which is actually where I met Katie. We both went to the same commercial photography program in Seattle back in 2004. After college, Katie moved back to the Gig Harbor area and her and Justin reconnected and they were once again inseparable.

They chose a wedding in May, including only their 50 or so favorite people on the beach at the Edgewater House in Ollala, WA. It was a calm day. A day you hope for your wedding, where everyone is happy, things are moving smoothly, and the the bride is happy to go with the flow.

Some of my favorite moments of the day were when Katie and Justin decided on a whim to buy a bunch of kazoos the day before the wedding and have everyone play the wedding march while Katie walked down the aisle. Which of course made her crack up and start the ceremony off on a fun and light note, only added to by the fact that their officiant was reading the ceremony out of a copy of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Perfectly unique and so very them!

Vendors to mention are The Edgewater House.  Makeup by Offwhite Beauty.  Hair by Kaylyn at The Parlor. Deserts were by The Nostalgia House Bakery. Dress from David’s Bridal, Florals by Maria Frederick

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