Ice baths and other random diets... •
Ice baths and other random diets…


I’m not a dieter. I just don’t have the constitution to do it and be successful at it. Because of that my body isn’t perfect. It’s a little round and I am okay with that… well, I am okay enough that it doesn’t stop me from eating Oreos for desert every night… I’d like to blame it on recently having a baby, but really it has a bit to do with the Oreos. I know that.

Karine on the other hand is the opposite. She LOVES diets and trying new things. Since we’ve lived together (we live Friend’s style with Karine and my brother Caleb in a split level house) for the past two years or so, I’ve seen just about all of it. Veggie, vegan, Atkins, Gluten free, wheat free… the list goes on. She likes to challenge herself and actually has the constituion to not just talk about it but to actually do it.

So, I sit back and watch and see what happens next… with my Oreos and milk in hand 🙂

The newest thing is a diet our good friend Sarah is on and it’s called the Four Hour Body. It’s supposedly amazing. You eat responsibly 6 days a week. Lean protein lots of veggies. You know… the usual. Work out regularly and on day 7 you can eat what ever you want. Want Snickers for breakfast, Kit Kats for lunch and an Oreo sundae (yum!) for dinner? That’s fine as long as it’s on the designated day. Sounds good right? There is only one hitch: three times a WEEK you have to take an ICE bath!!! Not a cold shower but straight up turn the water on as cold as possible, hop in and dump a couple bags of ice in for good measure. SAY WHAT!?!?!?!

Karine and Sarah both said “just you wait” and they have both lost like 5 pounds in the space of 2 days. Now that is ridiculous! Apparently your body goes into super duper fat burning mode trying to heat yourself up. So, in a way, the new diet is to give yourself hypothermia to loose a couple pounds. And guys say we don’t suffer. By “we” I mean girls… as I am still sitting with my Oreos while hearing her cries of shock while getting into the ice bath. Her cries of shock, Caleb’s chuckles while watching her torture herself so and my sounds of the bubbles of air escaping from my Oreo as I dunk it in milk. We are quite the family here…

She has found that she has to watch tv on hulu while taking these baths as they are the only way she doesn’t just stare at the watch waiting for the time to pass in her tub o’ icicles. Something tells me not many men do this diet as I am pretty sure their testes would never come back down after this! Funnily enough the person who wrote this book and started this diet is a guy.

To Karine and Sarah’s credit though, they are looking great!

That’s neat and all, but I’ll stick with my Oreo’s thanks!




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    October 1st, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Oh goodness, Becca! I have never heard of this method but I don’t think it is for me either…. Good luck to the ladies. 🙂


    October 1st, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Oh goodness, Becca! I have never heard of this method but I don’t think it is for me either…. Good luck to the ladies. 🙂

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