How to Take Care of your Wedding Album

Take care of your wedding album, a Display of wedding albums from Rebecca Ellison Photography

Your wedding album is truly an awesome piece of art.

You have put time and energy with your wedding day and in choosing the perfect images that reflect the feel and heart of your day.

Your album should last for ages with just a little bit of care and thought.

  • Never leave your album in the sun for extended periods of time. It can tinge the color of the cover and even damage it if it is leather. It can also change the color of the images inside
  • Be careful of spilling liquids on it. If you do, use a slightly damp washcloth and dab the pages. If you are quick, it shouldn’t stain
  • Place the album for storage in a way that won’t hurt the binding. All albums are different and some more fragile than others. It’s always a safe choice to leave the album laying down where there isn’t a constant pull on the binding

Your album is a piece of art that, with a little care, will easily last through until your great grandchildren are getting married. Enjoy!

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