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How to Appreciate your Spouse All Year Long

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how to appreciate your spouse all year longHow to Appreciate your Spouse All Year Long
Welcome to February and the total onslaught of red, hearts and roses. While I think it’s important to make sure your spouse  feels appreciated,  I always feel like the media ad machine misses the point.

When you love someone and choose to spend the rest of your life with them, it doesn’t serve your relationship to only show your love when the tv/radio/internet is pushing you to… It’s  important to show your wife/husband/partner/fiance appreciation all year long.

That is why this month I’m going to be touching on love and relationships… and getting past just the flowers and chocolates part.

There are subtle ways of showing your partner you love them, and they don’t have be expensive or out of the ordinary. Sometimes when you love someone, it’s really the small things that can make such a difference. Here’s a list of ideas big and small on how to appreciate your spouse all year long.

Write a note on the bathroom mirror.

It feels good to know you are being thought of. Even if it is just a small thing.  Keep a dry erase marker in your bathroom, and leave a little note of love on the mirror when you know your other half will be in the bathroom after you. It doesn’t need to be long or super thought out. A quick ” I love you” or “Can’t wait to spend time with you tonight” or “I challenge you to a (insert fun game/activity you like to do together) duel”.

Even the smallest thing will bring a smile to their lips, and you know you’ve done a good job.

Do their chore.

In most households, certain people end up doing the same household tasks/chores all the time. My husband checks the oil and usually cleans out the car. I do the bills and clean the bathrooms etc.  We all get into a routine doing the things that we need to do, but it can get old and tedious sometimes.

Show you love and appreciate them by doing that task they always do. If they clean the bathrooms, then do it for them when you know they are overwhelmed or stressed about something else. It really is about those little things you do that really makes a difference in a relationship. Your actions tell them that you love them and want to help, even if that help is just a small thing.

Scheduling down time together.

Life gets busy, and especially if you have kids… things get a bit crazy quickly. Family life and work life can so easily push itself to the front of the needs list, that couples can forget to spend time DOING NOTHING together. Even if you have to put it on the calendar… find some time (regularly!!!) where you can spend time doing nothing with just them. Some of my favorite moments with my husband include books a blanket and my toes warmed under his leg while we read. We aren’t even conversing… just spending time being around each other.

Say thank you.

When you live with someone, it’s so easy to take them for granted. You assume they will take the trash out, or that they will pick up the kids from school or will make dinner because they get off work before you do. Maybe they assume they will do it to, but you know it feels good to be appreciated for anything you work hard on. A small thanks and a moment to hug can be such a powerful thing in a relationship!

Public praise.

This is one I know I have to work at. But just like saying thank you for the small things they do for you, it’s so important to praise and thank your partner when you are around other people as well. Tell a story to your best friend about how much you appreciated how hard your wife worked to help you with something. And tell it to them when your wife is around. She will feel good that not only do you appreciate her, but you want others to know you appreciate her as well. Not saying you should make a big todo about it, as that can be awkward in itself, but, talking up your spouse to your friends and family lets your spouse and your family know how much they mean to you.

Ask questions.

This one can be a fun one. Think up a bunch of questions that you may know or may not know about your partner, and make a game out of asking them. We get so used to someone being around that you think you know everything about them, but people’s experiences and preferences change over time. It can be fun to ask big/small/silly/serious questions and see what the answers are. It’s a great and cheap date night idea (and just wait for next week as I’ll go over some great date night ideas!!!)

Here’s a fun list of questions to get you started....

Do you have any fun ways you show appreciation to your spouse? If so, share in the comments!



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