Hanging out with the fam…

My brother and sister in law live over in Ellensburg with their two adorable girls. Whenever I have the extra time… or make the extra time because I feel over worked, I make my way over to Ellensburg to hang out for the day. There is something so awesome about walking into their house and having Audrey, my two and a half¬† year old niece light up, then get shy, then light up again and start saying “auntie Becca, auntie Becca”. Its amazing.
I went over to their place a couple weeks ago and we went to have a picnic along the Yakima river. Its a beautiful place, Eastern Washington. So, Josh and Erica knew of a place with a “beach” that Audrey and Annie could play in. By beach, we mean a five by five foot area of sand next to the river, but, to a two year old that is still the best beach in the world! Why? because we are there!

So we ate our sandwiches… some how Erica has the most amazing ability of making EVERYTHING delicious… It was just a sandwich but it was still amazing… anyway, it is hard for me to keep my camera out of my hands when I am around that bunch, so while playing at the beach, hunting for acorns, and making sure that 10 month old Annie doesn’t eat the sand, we had a great time!


The joy of a 10 month old… the idea of taking away her empty bottle? Oh no. But look how happy she is with it!re_090515_3677


What a great day. Even with the speeding ticket I got on my way there…. 🙂

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