Outdoor Summer Wedding at Classic West Seattle Wedding Venue | Logan + Taylor • rebeccaellison.com
Outdoor Summer Wedding at Classic West Seattle Wedding Venue | Logan + Taylor

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Logan and Taylor are down to laugh.

What would life without laughter be? These two would never know, which is why being around them is just so infectious! 

I’ve known Taylor for quite some years as her older sister is a great friend of mine, and when Logan popped the question for Taylor, I was so stoked when she reached out to capture the day for her like I did for her sister too! 

These two made their wedding day 100% there own. Bringing together just the folks they love the most and truly connecting with them all. They lightly themed the wedding after the movie the Life Aquatic, because… why not? Right?  I loved every moment from their goofy expressions always working to lighten the mood, to Taylor’s nephew photobombing all the family portraits, doing rock paper scissors to see who got to say their vows first, to the special microphone they used specifically so that Taylor’s mostly deaf dad could hear their speeches without it changing the speeches for anyone else. And of course their love of Pie. And Pi…. just check out the program to see!

Taylor’s dress was beautiful as it was simple and elegant while also showing off her back with a low cut in the back. This girl is a regular rock climber and can do some pretty insane things while hanging from her fingertips. I thought it was a great choice for her look.

The Hall at Fauntleroy is down the street from their new home and has that classic West Seattle feel making it all feel like home.

I’ve always loved the classic appeal of this West Seattle wedding venue, and their wedding was the perfect fit for it!

Congrats Logan and Taylor!

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