My Growing Family | Lincoln Turns 3

lincoln-keen-003This weekend we chimed in three whole years of Lincoln being on this planet. It was full of fun, presents and lots of chocolate. Yes… he got chocolate cake for breakfast on his birthday. Because, when else can you do that without judgement?


 Lincoln at 3 years, and Scarlett at 3 months


Linc, Scarlett and their cousins Audrey and Annie. There is a photo of my brothers and I sitting cross legged up against the wall when we were this age that this image reminds me of. When I think of that image, it makes me remember my happy childhood, and creating this images makes me so happy to create a memory for them that they will look back on when they are adults and remember  their happy childhood.



Here is a snapshot  of who Linc is at three:

– He wants to know your middle name as well as your favorite animal. Please tell us in the comments, as he is truly very curious

– He loves playing “Momma kitty (insert any animal here) and baby kitty”.  A phrase I here dozens of times a day “you be momma kitty (the k sounds like a t which makes things humorous too) , and I’ll be baby kitty”. “You be momma dino, and I’ll be baby dino”,  “You be momma saratops (triceratops), and I’ll be baby saratops”.  Always playing momma/baby animal games

– He knows exactly how he wants to play, and how you should play too. Not a child who doesn’t know his mind.

-He truely loves Scarlett ( or “tarlett” as he pronounces it), and if she is crying, he will go check on her and see what she needs. He thinks it’s hilarious when she holds his finger

– He must have both the main light and the bedside light on when he goes to bed. If we turn it off in the middle of the night, he will yell for us to turn it back on… no matter what hour of the night it is…. we’ve learned to leave that light on.

– He is very boy and very mischievous. I blame Pete’s karma for the mischieviousness

– He is very polite 90% of the time. The other 10% he is likely to say “no, you get out of my way”

-He will run circles around the kitchen for hours if we let him.

– At night, after books, I hear ” you lay with me for a couple whiles, momma. Pretty please?”

– He loves loves loves his daddy.

– When he comes downstairs to visit while I am working in the office, he will regularly kick me out of my seat, then take my seat and tell me “I’m working honey, you can go upstairs”

– He loves finding my mints that I have for clients when he visits my office/studio. He comes downstairs, asks “One mint momma?” while he holds up his chubby little index finger. He always grabs one for me, one for him and has my help him open his. He eats his, waits for me to eat mine, then grabs both wrappers and puts them in the trash.

and so much more I can’t even begin to list. This time is going by so fast, it’s all I can do to hold on tight and try to remember all the moments (which is partially why I write these posts each year… to help me remember as well as entertain you readers 🙂 )

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