Golden Gardens Engagement Photography at Sunset in Seattle |:| Cameron and Chelsea


Summer Sunset Golden Gardens Engagement Session

The day didn’t start out as planned….traffic was horrible. There were accidents everywhere. The freeway and all side streets were jam packed. Add to the fun of the day, that it was a beautiful summer day in Seattle… which means everyone forgets how to drive.  We planned on starting Chelsea & Cameron’s Golden Gardens Engagement photo session at 5pm, but Seattle traffic had a different idea for us. Luckily I had avoided all the traffic hitting up all the back roads on the way from Shoreline to Ballard, but unfortunately Chelsea got stuck in the thick of it.

I had no other sessions that night, and their wedding was a couple weeks away, so we waited it out and waited for Chelsea to fight the traffic to get to us. Fortunately as it gets later and later the light for a Golden Gardens engagement session just gets better and better. Over an hour later, Chelsea arrived. While I would have been losing it from all the traffic, she arrived only slightly perturbed at the circumstances. She brushed it all off, changed her shoes and put on her game face. Cameron (who had made it there a bit earlier) and Chelsea cracked a couple jokes, and relaxed, tuning out the distractions of the day and tuning into each other. Just in time for the light to turn even more amazing.

We lucked out in some ways with the traffic, as Golden Gardens was only semi packed. Golden Gardens is like a magnet for all the entirely way to pasty and sun lacking folks of Seattle whenever the weather turns nice. Luckily since traffic was a bear, we didn’t have to dodge nearly as many sun bathers and beer drinkers as we usually would have on such a beautiful day, and in turn made using the scenery around us even easier.

With the sun setting in the background, the warm breeze coming off the Puget Sound (yep… it was warm enough for a warm breeze!), and Chelsea and Cam laughing together, it was a perfect engagement session on the beach.

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