Foggy Engagement Photos at Starfire Sports |:| Michelle & Brian •
Foggy Engagement Photos at Starfire Sports |:| Michelle & Brian

One of my favorite things about engagement photos is that we get a chance to really see a couple’s personality. Michelle and Brian met playing soccer. They L-O-V-E it. It’s a major passion for both of them, and they knew right away they wanted to integrate soccer into their engagement photos in some way. They introduced me to Spitfire Sports down in Tukwila, and it was the perfect spot to show their passion for the game and also for each other.
When I left my house, it was a bright sunny Saturday morning and I was super excited for the beautiful weather, but when I pulled into the valley around Spitfire Sports, a thick cloud of fog settled over the entire area. I quickly readjusted my mental plan for the shoot and started looking around aiming to highlight the fog and have some fun.

It actually worked out for the best I think because there was a fun little trail around a small pond and this amazing bank of trees. It gave us some really unique and beautiful options for their photos.

As we walked around the pond, it was chilly, and Brian didn’t skip a beat on taking off his jacket to keep her warm. They were both so very thoughtful of each other, and worked as a team through our shoot.  I always encourage clients to chat and be affectionate during their session. Talk about anything that makes you smile, and they did perfectly. You knew they were happy as can be in each others arms right where they were.

I can’t wait for their Edgewater Hotel wedding this summer!


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