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Why you’ll want a wedding album

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So, you are getting married, and while looking at photographers, you notice that some offer wedding albums and some do not. Some photographers just give you a download of 1000+ images and wish you the best for you to take care of the memories of your day yourself.

Why would you want to take on the pressure of creating a wedding album? I love offering wedding albums, and maybe 75% of my wedding clients walk away with a beautiful heirloom in their wedding album. And the best part is that I do the bulk of the design work for the album so that you don’t have to.

I am already intimately aware of the images of your wedding, and which are the strongest storytelling images that will show your wedding in a way that truely tells the story of your wedding day.  You absolutely get to have say in switching images and the final design, but my clients have always sighed a breath of relief when I tell them that I will create this heirloom for them.

It isn’t something that has to sit on their todo list till your 5th wedding anniversary when you realize crap! I haven’t done that yet!

Why would you want a wedding album? It’s the best way to be able to relive and remember the best day of your life right? Much better than 1000+ digital images sitting on your computer or Facebook never to be remembered.


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