An Engagement Session with their Dog (who went and stole the show!) •
An Engagement Session with their Dog (who went and stole the show!)

They had 5 days until they were going to be living apart for an unknown amount of time.

He just got notice that he would be based in Hawaii, and since they were not married yet, she wouldn’t be reassigned with him. 5 days to soak it all in and enjoy each other before they’d have to rely on Facetime, email, and texts.  

Living apart from the one you love is super difficult, doing it while wedding planning… even harder. 

So when Precious emailed me asking about doing their engagement photos with their dog, but needing to do it… like ASAP, I looked at my schedule moved things around a bit and made an upcoming afternoon available.

So, Precious, Kenneth, Lola and I met at Greenlake on a sun-drenched Thursday afternoon. Lola instantly stole the show just as Precious and Kenneth had expected. Lola is their fur baby and companion, and Lola was also going to miss Kenneth when got reassigned. 

I told them to cuddle up and just hang out, be affectionate and laugh if they don’t know what else to do… as fake laughter just looks like laughter. They settled right in, and with some gentle guiding found their groove.  

After that week, Kenneth moved to Hawaii, but for one reason or another, that station didn’t last, and he ended up coming back to his Precious and Lola and now they are getting married this Fall here in Seattle.

I wonder if Lola will steal the show there too?!

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