Engagement Session Ideas : A Rural Landscape without Leaving the City

Engagement Session Ideas!!
You dream of open land, blue skies and nature all around.

You thrive together by donning your hiking boots, filling you pack with lunch and finding the nearest hike to a secluded viewpoint to sit together and just take in the nature.

You spend every moment you can, on your bike on the Burke-Gilman trail, or a free day roaming Discovery Park sounds like heaven to your ears.

If any of those statements strike close to home, a rural engagement session is what is in the cards for you.

The great thing about Seattle, is that we have SO many rural options so close to the city!

It’s amazing how much nature we have around us. Options that are in the city (so easy to go to for your engagement photos ) to so many options right on the outskirts, or less than an hour out.

Trying to think up some great spots for rural settings for engagement photos?

Try Discovery Park

This park is so awesome because you have so many options in one : open fields, view of the water, sand dunes, beach, lighthouse, forgotten looking roads (because your on a military base). Bring some props and make your engagement session unique. Like vintage suit cases or your favorite kite.

engagement session ideas - discovery park - rural look in seattleengagement session ideas - discovery park


Or good ol’ Golden Gardens. Right in the city, but feels like you are far far away.

Golden Gardens gives you the option of sandy beaches and driftwood speckled beaches, fun railroad tracks, the little forest of super skinny trees. The one downfall is that if it is a nice day and it’s warm out there, there is a good chance for it to be very very crowded. I find Golden Gardens is best for engagement sessions during the spring or fall as the summer it’s bound to be packed.

engagement session ideas - godlen gardens


Most local parks, with a little scouting have amazing little viewpoints that are special to the park…and could be special to you!

This is a park in Newcastle that was special to this couple. They got engaged on this pier, so we came back here for their photos. Are there any special spots like that for you?

The Japanese Gardens in the Arboretum

This spot is absolutely beautiful and you forget you are in the city in moments. Huge Koi Pond, and paths galore. Everything is well manicured and is great for portrait sessions. I suggest going right before closing as it seems to be less busy then. But keep in mind that you will have to pay an additional fee (past the entry fee) to have your session done within the park. It’s only $20, and can be well worth it!

japanese garden2

Greenlake has so many beautiful spots, that you could have your pictures taken there 20 times, and not know it was the same spot!

Greenlake has the walkway around the lake (obviously!) along with acres of beautiful grassy open areas. There are multiple little tiny boardwalks surrounding the lake, and a couple of great spots with some cool lined up trees.   (Just watch for duck doodoo 🙁  )There is also the stadium and row house along with paddle boat and sail boat rentals during the summer. I’m waiting for a couple to be down to get on a paddle boat for their session! Do you want to be that couple?


Looking for an option that can be rural or urban? Try Myrtle Edwards Park and the Sculpture Park.

One view rural, the next urban, and they are right next to each other!

Bellevue Botanical Gardens is a great option on the Eastside.

Carkeek Park, or any spot of beach you can find.



Other great options are:

The Arboretum in the U District

Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill

Lincoln Park in West Seattle

or check out this great list of Seattle Parks for good ideas that are a little different!

The options are almost endless… and you don’t even have to leave the city!


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