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Engagement Photos Near Water |:| Seacrest Park |:| Allison + Mike

Engagement photos near water is a common request since we live in Seattle and have so many options for beautiful water views and a couple of great beaches.
I consistently get the request of Alki Beach in West Seattle for engagement photos, but on a nice day, Alki is packed to the gills, and because of the direction it faces the Puget Sound, it’s pretty common for it to be windy and quite a bit colder.

My favorite alternative to Alki, is just down the road, still on Alki Ave, you just follow the bend headed towards the West Seattle bridge and you find Seacrest Park. It’s right next to the iconic Salty’s restaurant, and has an absolutely amazing view of the city, a cool dock and also a small beach that is usually completely, or nearly empty.

Mike and Allison live in West Seattle, and are getting married at the Hall at Fauntleroy in West Seattle later this year, but wanted to stick to West Seattle and to have their engagement photos near water, so Alki was the first thought.  They’ve got three adorable and rambunctious dogs as well that they wanted to have in their photos, and so we chose Seacrest instead of Alki to start so the pups would have less distraction.

We stayed within the same approximate 100 foot area for their entire session, and I love how diverse it is. Not only do we get Seattle’s amazing skyline, we get beach photos, dock photos, and sitting on rock photos. (and check out that perfect cloud we got over downtown!)

We even got an unexpected surprise of having part of the hull of the old Kalakala Ferry looking all decrepit (my fave) in the parking lot of Saltys!

Allison and Mike are the sweetest and most laid back couple. Ready to hang out and just laugh and have some fun.

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