Engagement Photos in Seattle at Olympic Sculpture Park | Brenna & Robert • rebeccaellison.com
Engagement Photos in Seattle at Olympic Sculpture Park | Brenna & Robert

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Olympic Sculpture Park is a favorite in Seattle for engagement photos, and all photo sessions really! And Brenna and Robert’s session was a recent favorite. One of my tips for couples when they find themselves in front of my lens is to just relax, and focus on each other. Know that I will make sure they look good, and they can just focus on being with their love. 

Brenna and Robert, right from the beginning jumped in on being themselves and just enjoying their time to make each other laugh, to snuggle and to breath in their love and commitment. Might sound cheesy, but it’s an important thing to do. To just stop and breath in the person that makes your heart pitter patter and has the shoulder you love to lay on.

I’m looking forward to their wedding in March, and after such a great engagement session, I know it’s going to be a day of amazing emotion.

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