Engagement Photos at Greenlake |:| Lindsay + Ryan • rebeccaellison.com
Engagement Photos at Greenlake |:| Lindsay + Ryan

Late afternoons about 60-90 minutes before sunset on a sunny day is my favorite time. It’s when the sun is still bright in the sky, but the angle is lower, the color is warmer, and the shadows are growing longer and longer. It’s that magical time when you feel the earth taking a little breath and stretching before it’s nightly slumber.
This is the time I always recommend for engagement photos as well. The location is up to what matters more to the couple, but the time of day can’t get any more magical then those 90 minutes before the sun sets. Lindsay and Ryan chose to do their engagement photos at Greenlake since they live just down the street, and it is a regular spot you can find them.

They are originally from the East Coast, and moved to the PNW for a job at Microsoft. When they relocated originally, they found themselves in Redmond, but after about 8 months, realized they wanted more of a walk friendly community and found a spot near Greenlake. They bring their pup Bombadil (yep that’s a Lord of the Ring reference. Extra points to those who can place it!) to the lake regularly and just walk. Enjoying the feel of each others hands in theirs, and the pull of Bombadil’s leash.

When we started chatting about where/when for their engagement photos at Greenlake, they said that Bombadil is a big part of their family, and since she even had a part in the proposal, it was important to have her along for the session.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to bring together two people with the things and beings they love most, I was stoked to have her along.

We enjoyed  Greenlake, with the golden light and soft spring breeze capturing moments of their adventure in Seattle as boyfriend and girlfriend maturing to husband and wife.

engagement photos at greenlake seattle

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