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Internet dating.
People find themselves embarrassed to say they have done it, that they have logged on and answered all those questions to find their “match”, they have sifted through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the utmost hilarious just to see if maybe just maybe that someone who gets them is out there answering those same silly questions and also wondering why people put the pictures that they do on their profiles.

More and more every year, when I find myself sitting down to meet with a couple, she has that shiny new ring on her finger, and they both have a slightly overwhelmed feel about them when talking about all the details they are imagining to put together their big day, we start talking about how they met, and voila! here enters eHarmony.com or Match.com or {enter dating website of your choice here}. And every time, they mention how they were embaressed to say that was how they met, and yet here they are happy as can be, with the person that gets them the most, planning the day that is the launching point of their lives together.

What can we say? Internet dating works people!

Hilary and Bret are one of those couples. They were both looking for that person who understands them, and found their ways to eHarmony.

It’s okay how much she loves Target, because he loves it that much as well; so much that they started “Sunday Target dates” after moving in together. It’s okay that he has a thing about monkeys… as she is already plotting what their first babies nursery will look like, and you can bet it involves monkeys.  It’s the little things that bring people together and it’s the little things that these two love about each other.

We spent some time last week at their favorite park running around having fun in one of the last sunny days of summer. This park is special to them as they have been taking their dog Lilly on walks there since she was a puppy, and this is where Bret decided on a Sunday morning (before their date to Target), with Lilly by his side for support to ask Hilary to be his wife. It couldn’t be more them and it was a perfect place to be for their engagement session as well.

Congrats Hilary and Bret! I can’t wait for your wedding in April!

Fun story. Lilly (the puppy) LOVES Hilary’s mom. Or a Lilly knows her as grandma. Well, grandma was with us at the park taking care of Lilly as they wanted her in some of the pictures, but not in the entire session. I was trying to get Lilly’s attention in the series below, and I made the mistake of saying “Lilly, Grandma!” excitedly. Well, Lilly loves loves loves loves loves grandma. So much that she did her best to get to her asap. She was determined!!! Needless to say, I didn’t use grandma as an attention getting phrase again 🙂



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