An Oasis in Tucson |:| Mariah + Max’s Wedding

Last month I flew down to Tucson to see the youngest of the Chapin girls, Mariah,  to get married. I grew up with this family, and while I haven’t lived in Tucson in over 17 years now, this family is one of the reasons I find myself going back to visit. I photographed Mariah’s sister Marie’s wedding a couple years back, and was so excited when her little sister, the youngest of the 4 was getting married and I’d be back to capture her wedding day as well.

My best memories of Mariah are of a 9 year old girl running around on “the property” which is the beautiful piece of land covered in  Eucalyptus trees and green grass right in the middle of Tucson Arizona…. which is the last place you’d think of Eucalyptus trees and grass. It’s quite the oasis in the desert, and was beautifully transformed for the wedding day of their youngest daughter.

Mariah has come far from her days of being a carefree 9 year old running around, and has blossomed into a really sweet, smart and beautiful woman. Her and Max met on a dating site, like what is so common these days. They both didn’t really know what to expect on their first date, but after hours of easy conversation, they were both hooked.

4 years later, Max watched as Mariah walked closer and you could see the anticipation and excitement all over his face as she came down the aisle. These two a perfect fit.

Their wedding was a destination wedding for me, but a beautiful transformation of their home for them. Surrounded by smiles, laughter and dancing, it was an amazing evening. 

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