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Product Feature: Our Signature Session Portrait Album

I help coaches and online service providers get past their fear of being on camera so that you can attract your ideal clients through intentionally building your personal brand.

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Some people are wall portrait people, and some people are album people. You can tell if you are a wall portrait person if you look around your house and you have images of you, your family and your life proudly showcased around your house. On your walls, your mantle, your hallways all show different treasured moments in your life for any to see.
Some people would rather have other kinds of art in their house, and don’t like to have photos of themselves took prominently displayed anywhere around. These folks tend to be more album people. They enjoy and treasure great photography but would rather it not be a main portion of their house decor.

Then there are the folks who like to have beautiful images on their walls, but also treasure the ability to tell a story with Images vs just showing one or two large prints off.

Our beautiful session albums are perfect for those of you who prefer to keep your photos less visible but still easily accessible and beautifully preserved, and the folks who just love to show all the images they can. To tell a full story instead of showing just a moment captured in time.

Our session albums are truly lasting art that shows the story of your time in front of the camera, instead of just the one frame glimpse. These are very popular for newborn sessions and also our babies first year package that follows the growth of your baby from that first week through the first year.

Session albums can showcase twenty to thirty images , one on each page so that each image is a statement in itself and can be seen easily. The albums are 8×8 with 5×7 images on an art watercolor paper which makes them stand out from the regular press printed books you can find everywhere these days. The pages are thick and sturdy to last the test of time.

The 8×8 size make the album perfect for any bookshelf, mantle , babies room, or coffee table and is guaranteed to make you enjoy your images for years and years.

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