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Creative Seating Cards for Weddings

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I’ve been to a …. handful…. of weddings through the years, and it’s always really fun for me to see what each couple chooses to focus on for details of their wedding.
When it comes to seating cards and seating charts, it really depends on how many of your guests know each other, and if there are specific family situations where you need specific people seated away from each other (why must there always be drama lol ).  If you have a wedding where many people won’t know each other, it makes sense to do assigned seating so that everyone will have a place near someone else they know. Or if your parents haven’t been in a room together in 15 years and they don’t play nice… it’s also important to tell them where they are seating so that there are no uncomfortable moments.

If you choose that assigned seating is right for your wedding, the next thing to think about how you tell your guests where to sit.

Seating cards or Seating chart? And how creative and beautiful can you set this up if you are into the details?

I took a quick look through my wedding archives and came up with a handful of creative seating cards for weddings to show you.

Wood and Twine Seating Cards

My all time favorite is from Jalyn and Andrew’s wedding a couple years back at Alderbrook Resort over in Union, WA. They had a wood theme using wooden rounds on their table decor, and even had the seating cards tied to thin flanks of wood as well. Totally creative and something that the guests took home as a keepsake as they were so neat! Come and see their entire wedding post here.

All images ©Rebecca Ellison Photography

All images ©Rebecca Ellison Photography

Tipsy Tags

Help your guests keep track of their drinks by giving them a named Tipsy Tag, and just add their table number to the tag as well. No drinks will be left behind with this tactic!

All images ©Rebecca Ellison Photography

Hanging Tag Seating Cards

I loved this simple card too using the colors of the wedding  and creatively made into seating card tags so that the cards could be hung on a gate which made a really simple and beautiful display for guests to find their cards. See their backyard wedding post here

creative seating cards for wedding. tags on nails of a fence


Seating Cards Placed in Cut Wood

Another beautiful display was simple seating cards placed in a long piece of wood that was cut in half and then then a pencil wide divot cut into the wood to let the place cards sit in it at Elsa and Saku’s Hidden Meadow’s wedding. The wood had a live edge on the back side and they had a couple of wood rounds that held individual place cards as well.

All images ©Rebecca Ellison Photography

All images ©Rebecca Ellison Photography

creative place cards for weddings - cards placed in wood

Wine Cork Seating Cards

Another idea creative seating cards for weddings if you like wine is to cut a slit into used wine corks place the seating cards inside. Justine and Pete  even had their name and wedding date branded onto the wine corks. Check out their intimate fall wedding here.

seating cards in wine corks

Alternative to Seating Cards : Seating Charts

Some choose to go for a fun and unique seating chart instead of the seating cards. Something that takes drastically less time and coordination to set up on the wedding day, as well as less investment. I loved MacKenzie and Will’s reference on their seating chart to “find your seat but your place is on the dance floor.” You know that sets that expectation!

All images ©Rebecca Ellison Photography

Seating Assignment on A Boat Sail

This couple had a boat theme, and printed the names of all the guests on the sail of the boats that were on the entrance table to their venue.

wedding seating chart on boat

Another beautiful way of creating a seating chart is to write on a re purposed window frame. One tip though is to pay attention to where you place the chart so that there is contrast between the writing and what is behind the window so the words can easily be read!

All images ©Rebecca Ellison Photography www.rebeccaellison.comWhat do you think of these seating cards and seating charts? Leave  a comment below & share if you know someone who could use some inspiration!


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