Skansonia Wedding with Country Style | Rebecca + Adam

Back in February, I got a call from this lovely gal named Rebecca who was getting married in March and was looking for a photographer. Her and her fiance Adam were getting married at the Skansonia here in Seattle and were planning it all from Montana. Rebecca grew up here, and was looking to bring some of the Montana country to Seattle. I chatted with them both on the phone and realized they were my perfect kind of couple. They wanted a fun day that was about their commitment and the people they were sharing their day with, and not just about the hoopla a wedding can be.
It was the day after Adam moved to town (Rebecca had gotten a job and came a couple weeks earlier), and only days before their wedding, when I had a chance to meet them in person and chat about the details of the day. Adam confided that he doesn’t take good photos, and that is usually one of my favorite things to hear, as it never actually has to do with him being able to take good photos or not, it has to do with the person who is photographing him… and it was challenge accepted 🙂

They got married on a surprisingly warm and sunny March day (which was the last thing we expected in March). They chose to do a first site, which is popular for most my clients because it gives them the freedom of being able to spend the majority of their wedding day together instead of waiting until 4,5, or 6pm to see each other the first time. I brought Adam outside and told him that he had to be good and not cheat by looking over his shoulder until Rebecca told him to. I love this moment in the day, that is so filled with magic and emotion, and I loved how Adam rushed into Rebecca’s arms !

We then roamed the South Lake Union Park (a favorite of mine) and captured them relaxing and goofing off together. Their bridal party was with us, and they were the perfect amount of peanut gallery to help relax and bring humor to our day. I love peanut galleries, because laughter, be it awkward laughter or inappropriate laughter or just fun laughter looks good in a photo, and relaxes people instantly!

We found our way to the Skansonia for family photos and their ceremony which showed the beautiful Seattle skyline through bright sunshine behind them, and they danced to blue grass music all night long. It was a beautiful day about them and the people they love … just like they wanted it to be!

Are you inspired by something you saw at their Skansonia wedding? Here are some of the vendors that helped make their wedding happen.  Seattle Wedding Photographer :: Rebecca Ellison Photography //  Dress :: Brides + Beaux //  His vest ::  Filson //  Shoes :: Cowboy Boots //  Rings :: Seattle Diamonds // Venue, Catering and Floral :: Skansonia // Cupcakes :: Cupcake Royale // Band :: North Country Blue Grass Band // Minister :: Sallie

If you’d like to contact me about photographing your wedding please inquire here.

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