Columbia City Wedding Portraits of Roini and Moni

Roini and Moni met a decade ago in a North Seattle Community College classroom.
Both we’re taking night classes around their busy work schedules, and neither so much as thought they’d meet someone special when they sat down to learn chemistry.

Little did they know that that night class would change their lives as they sat next to each other, chatted about little things, eventually realizing how much they loved being together.

Fast forward six or so years… years before Washington state would recognize them as a couple, they held a commitment ceremony committing to share their lives no matter what the state said was an option.

Then when Washington state made history by being one of the first states to recognize that love is love, no matter your gender, Roini and Moni decided to commit themselves again…. this time with all the legal benefits that go with it.

We met in their fabulous neighborhood of Columbia City in South Seattle for portraits before their small church ceremony for some fall portraits in all the lush colors.

Columbia City is a gem hidden in Seattle. Not noticed by most, it’s hidden on Rainier Ave in between some of Seattle rougher neighborhoods, but the families that make up Columbia City refuse to let the ghetto take them, and have a adorable downtown corridor with old architecture, tasty restaurants and neighbors you actually know walking down the street around you.

We enjoyed the sunshine, the color and the love these ladies have for each other while creating memories of a very happy day in their neighborhood.

Congrats Roini and Moni! Thank you for sharing the day and your happiness with me!


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