Chandeliers in the trees and vintage furniture in the yard | Kailen + Dan

It’s a cold blustery snow flurry winter day today, which makes me yearn for summertime, when you spend the entire day in the yard with your friends. That’s what this wedding was all about. Dan and Kailen are good friends of mine, and when they got engaged I was so unbelievably excited for them. Photos are important to this couple, as you could see as Dan flew me to NYC to capture his surprise destination proposal in Manhattan.  Once back in Seattle, wedding planning went full steam ahead. Kailen is one of those girls that has been thinking up ideas for her wedding since she was a little girl so she had a pretty good idea of what the day would look like.  A little vintage, a little quirky, definitely relaxed, definitely outside and absolutely on Vashon Island where she and Dan met in high school.
Keeping up with the vintage picnic theme, Kailen’s dress was a 1950’s white tea length dress found at the Pretty Parlor on Capitol Hill. She added an  orange hat circa 1950, and bright blue bloomers (to surprise Dan with!). The caterer was Dante’s Inferno hotdogs, and a medley of finger foods that they purchased at Costco and put together themselves. Their invitations were old  postcards that Dan’s mom reworked into invites. The main theme? “We want your buns at our wedding” with two hotdogs hugging. They even made stamps to match which went perfectly with their main dish being hotdogs.

A couple days before the wedding I get a text from Kailen : “there are chandeliers in the trees Becca…. in the frickin TREES!” And look how amazing it turned out.Vintage inspired backyard wedding with living room furniture and orange and yeallow laterns strung

The details were to die for! Lots of vintage furniture! I loved how they kept all the cups in the drawers of the tables they were using. The napkins and table cloths were an array of different colors and shapes from whatever they could find at goodwill and garage sales.

snacks table at wedding ceremony using vintage furniture, styled with old bicycle

This penny was Kailen’s something old. She put it in her shoe and walked down the aisle with it. It has been in the shoe of every bride in their family for generations, and each time the penny is handed down, the last keeper of the penny writes a new note saying whose shoe it had been in and the year.

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