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A Mountain Elopement at Franklin Falls

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I’ve come to decide there is really nothing quite like a mountain elopement for bringing it back to the simplicity and beauty of why people get married in the first place.

Auria and Mike met in a pretty non traditional way.  Mike and his kids were her host family when she came here from Switzerland to teach at an international school in Bellevue for a year. 

The relationship started as simple and kind as all hosting type arrangements do, and then through the year of their friendship, they both started realizing that they had deeper feelings for each other that grew more each and every day.

From Auria’s words:

” I think I realized Mike was really really special to me when I left on another road trip in June 2014, after the school year ended and before I had to go back to Switzerland. It was the first trip in a while I was doing without him, and us saying goodbye before that felt like the end of our fantastic year together. I drove to California to meet up with some friends from Switzerland and I will always remember how awful I felt. I remember, during the first days in San Francisco, that I felt like my heart was being torn apart. I had never missed someone so strongly. When I went back to Switzerland, that pain didn’t go away, and no amount of time that passed made it feel better. I knew then that I would not be able to just forget Mike and that we were really meant to be together. So we traveled back and forth between both countries and Skyped with each other every night. I didn’t want to rush into marriage, because I took the commitment very seriously, so we waited until I felt like I was ready and this was it. Around May 2015, we both decided we wanted to get married and spend the rest of our lives together.”

They planned a big wedding for summer of 2017 but didn’t want to wait that long for Auria to be able to be back living here in the country, so they chose to have a quick elopement with her parents flying in, and his kids and parents there, but no one else. They chose to have their ceremony in a field just below Mount Si in North Bend, but also wanted some epic mountain and woods photos, so we got together before their elopement for a little jaunt through the woods of Franklin Falls in Snoqualmie.

They both told me they were uncomfortable in front of the camera, and not the best subjects, but I knew moments into their session that they would be perfect. With a little of their focus just directed away from the lens, and onto each other, you could tell that the moment their eyes landed on each other, the rest of the world just melted away.

This beautiful mountain elopement was the perfect start to their marriage, and I can’t wait to see them together again with their favorite people for their “big” wedding next month!

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