A Locally Sourced Summer Wedding at the Foundry – Tracy & Raffael

Tracy and Raffael met online 5 years ago. They chatted and tried to get to know each other through typing on a keyboard, until they felt comfortable meeting in person. Raffael invited Tracy to come see his theater troop preform and then they go have dinner. Raffael didn’t realize when he invited her that his theater troop was preforming at an old folks home and tried to quickly reschedule on her, as, well, a old folks home isn’t exactly a great spot for a first date.

Well Tracy didn’t get the messages, and arrived to the show, surprised that it was at an old folks home, but intregued enough to stick around and see how the night played out. Since she stayed and didn’t judge, Raffael took her out on a relaxed date through West Seattle, his lifetime home neighborhood, showing her all the different secret spots that he loved. The date lasted 5+ hours and they both knew that they had found someone special.

Fast forward to their wedding day, where they wanted to showcase their personalities and their love of Seattle into the day, as well, that’s what they do. But also because Tracy wanted to show all her Chicago based relatives just what she loves of this town.

They had little touches of pop culture with nods to the Pixar movie UP with a Grape Soda pin on Raff’s boutineer, some R2D2 cuff links and an adventure book for their guest book.

They chose the beautiful Foundry venue by Herban Feast in Sodo which added to the beauty and elegance of their day.

They sourced and DIY’d many of their details including their invites, had a massive cake table with 8 amazing and unique cakes, each table at the reception had wood rounds holding onto their table cards which had been cut from a friends tree. Each guest received a Theo’s chocolate bar and some Fran’s chocolates to showcase the delicious local chocolates available.

There waslot of laughter, good food and at the end of the day, a happily married couple.


Vendors : 

Photographer : Rebecca Ellison Photography

Venue: The Foundry

Planner : Holly-Kate and Company

Florist : Jessica Van Camble

Caterer : Herban Feast

Tux : Black Tux

DJ : Seattle Parties

Rings : Fox Jewelers

Transportation: British Motor Coach

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