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6 Tips for Easy Family Portraits on the Wedding Day

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6 tips smooth family portraits on your wedding day

6 tips smooth family portraits on your wedding day

The family portraits portion of the day tends to be a bit dreaded by most, but they are such an important part of the memories of the wedding day.

wedding family portraits

wedding family portraits

Weddings are one of the few times that families come together en mass from all over the country… and sometimes the world to celebrate and enjoy each other, so it is so important to make sure to get great family portraits.

This part of the day doesn’t have to be a head ache or be drawn out with a little pre planning.

Pay attention to these tips to help make the family portrait section of your day a breeze!

  1. If at all possible take your portraits before the ceremony. Schedule the family portraits for an hour before the ceremony so that guests that are not immediate family are not around to distract, and you won’t have to go away from your party to take photos after the ceremony
  2. Someone will always be late, so if you plan on having family portraits at 4:30, tell your family that pictures start at 4:15 (or 4 if your family is perpetually late). This will make sure everyone is there in time and you don’t have to sit around waiting on Uncle Jim…
  3. Help your photographer out by giving them a list of names before hand so that we know who’s attention we are trying to get.
  4. Tell your family to stand in a group with their side of the family. Usually it’s best to have the groom’s side in one group and the bride’s side in a separate group to make it easier to tell who is supposed to be in what photo.
  5. When you are in front of the camera, don’t look around and converse and tell your family not to either. The pictures will take much longer to do if everyone is distracted and looking elsewhere or mid word. We keep shooting until we know everyone is looking at the camera, and if everyone is distracted then it will take longer than it needs.
  6. As the bride and groom, you will most likely be tired and ready to sit at this point as it is usually the end of the portraits part of the day, but keep that smile on your face and just remember you are almost done and will be able to sit down soon!

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