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6 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

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6 fun wedding reception ideas

Want your guests to rave about your wedding? You could add a photo booth to your day, and other fun wedding reception ideas. It says six… but actually I gave you eight!

Wedding receptions can be loads of fun or they can be dull dull dull. It depends on quite a lot of factors all depending on the type of people that are coming to the wedding, the dj the couple picked and the music selection he has, and the fun things that the couple has for the guests to entertain themselves if rockin the dance floor is just not their style.

Most people plan to make their wedding rockin. It would be weird if a couple’s aim was to have a lame-o boring reception that made your guests flee the second they cram the last of their salmon down their throats.

Most people hope that not only will their guests love their wedding, but that they end up raving about it and it ends up being the topic of conversation for weeks to come.

A wedding like that doesn’t come automatically though. There is a lot of thought that has to go into what the reception is like and what things you give your guests to do. Here are a list of fun wedding reception ideas I’ve seen.

photo booth is a fun wedding reception ideas

Have a Photobooth!

Photo booths are all the rage the past couple of years. It’s a great way to make sure to get fun relaxed photos of your guests that they will love too as they can be as crazy as they want in them. I offer a photobooth addition for my clients where I bring a backdrop, lights a camera on a tripod and a whole table of crazy hats, glasses, bling and other props to make the experience out of this world fun. I set up the photo booth at your reception and have it going all night long until I leave. The camera is triggered by a remote that your guests get to hold and they can take as many fun/crazy/whimsical/outragous shots that they want all through the night. The week after the wedding, I upload the images from your photo booth to Facebook and invite you and your friends to tag themselves in the images. You also receive a full resolution disc of all these images.

There are other options of similar photo booth ideas out there. You can hire companies that build an old school photo booth at your reception and print out the strips of four photos right there for your guests to take home. They receive a copy and you do as well! Check out 321foto.com for examples!

Both are fun and distinct enough for unique experiences and definitely a fun wedding reception idea!

Have Flip Books

Flip books are those fun little books that you flip through and it makes like a moving image. In Seattle there is a great company called Flippedoutproductions.com that comes and sets up with fun props and crazy stuff, put you in front of a camera for 15 seconds doing whatever crazy stuff you want to do and then prints out the flip books within 10-15 minutes your performance. It is LOADS of fun and give your guests something to go home with to remember your wedding with.

Hire a Cartoonist

This one I’ve only seen once and it was actually at a friend photographer’s wedding. It was such a great idea though. The cartoonist would draw cartoons (duh) of you or you and your date or you and friends all together and give you the drawing. People were literally waiting in line at Alyssa’s wedding to get their picture drawn. It was genius!

lawn games for wedding reception ideas

Lawn Games

Planning for an outdoor affair? Bring out the lawn games for good times. Some popular options are CornHole , Ladder Golf, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, etc. You get the idea…

good dj or band for wedding reception ideasHire a good DJ or Band

Many don’t understand that value of a good DJ. A DJ isn’t just someone who plays a playlist of music. They can be the barrometer of fun for your wedding getting people to participate on the dance floor and making sure that your guests feel engaged.

kids wedding goodie bag for wedding reception ideas

Make activity packs for the kids:

You want your friends with kids to have fun at the wedding, so why not make activity packs for the kids so that they have something fun to keep busy while their parents enjoy the party!

comments from your guests for wedding reception ideas

Make a “We Say” card for the guests to fill out.

Super fun way for your guests to share how they know you and their favorite part about you!

Some fun games:

Money Dance- Both the bride and groom will dance for $$. It is up to the guest how much they give you but they have to give at least a dollar and they dance with you until another guest cuts in with their own money to pay. I know couples who have walked away with over $1000 from this 5 minutes of dancing 🙂

How well do you know the bride game- Blindfold the groom, and line the bride up along with 5-6 other guests. The groom has to figure out which person is his bride by touching something…. hand, face, leg. It’s up to you. They have to kiss on the cheek the person they think is their bride and it can get really funny when they choose someone who is obviously not their bride… like a groomsman!

Bride and Groom Trivia for the Buffet line- Have your DJ or MC engage the guests that are waiting for the buffet to open by making them answer correctly to some trivia about the bride and groom. A correct answer let’s their table to go the buffet line.

So, as you can see there are lots of options of fun wedding reception ideas and fun people to hire that will make your reception a hit and ensure your guests have a blast!

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