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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

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 5 reasons you should hire a wedding planner by Seattle wedding photographer Rebecca Ellison

Should you hire a wedding planner or should you not?

That is a question many newly engaged couples find themselves thinking about.  Your wedding planner is like the head coach of your wedding team. Someone there to help you, guide you and take your stress away.

Sadly, there are parts of wedding planning that it’s hard to really and truly convey the value of specific vendors and how integral they are to your wedding day until after the wedding is over and you are looking back, and wedding planners fall directly into that category. 

But trust me, from a vendor’s perspective after seeing 200+ weddings, no one ever regrets hiring a good wedding planner!

I am 100% for sure, that as a couple getting married, having a quality wedding planner to help you through the process only lowers your stress and makes for a better day had by you, your bridal party, family and guests!

Here are 5 reasons to hire a wedding planner


1) They know the process and can guide you through.

Wedding planning is no joke. The number of todos and things to research in your 6-12 months before your wedding can fill an entire notebook up. A good wedding planner will talk with you about what is important to you about your day and not only guide you to the items and vendors to choose from, but also help keep you on track.

Having someone in your corner who has seen hundreds of weddings and will know what works and what doesn’t will cut hours off of your research time.

2) They know the vendors in town who will be a good fit for you.

When you google something like “wedding photographer in Seattle” you are going to come up with literally hundreds of options, but you are likely going to hit decision fatigue way before you find the perfect photographer. And how do you know who is a good business owner as well as a good photographer? Which means they will be prompt in responding to you as well as communicative before and after the wedding among other things you won’t know are issues till you are dealing with them! 

It’s like that for all your vendors. Your planner will help narrow down your selection and give you advice on why one may be a better choice for you over another. They know personalities and styles and work ethics. You may be surprised why they suggest one person over another, but that’s why they are there for you. To be that coach you didn’t know you needed!

3) They know your vision and you hopes for the day, and their main focus on your day is to make sure what you want happens.

By coordinating where people are when, and for making sure your vendors are doing what they are supposed to and when, as well as being the one making sure your ceremony and reception look just like you expect. That is not even mentioning that they will be the ones at the end of the night staying late making sure the event wraps up and everything gets where it’s supposed to. They do that so you don’t have to think about it, and you don’t have to expect your tipsy bridal party or family to try and do it either! 

From a vendors perspective this is awesome. It means that you and your bridal party and family are free to enjoy themselves and we know exactly who to go to for questions or in the event something is going wrong. Most times you will never even know something went wrong as your planner took care of it for you!

4) They can save you money. 

While it is a bit of a misnomer thinking that your planner will be able to get you lower prices from your vendors, they can help you save money and keep track of your budget in many other ways

Maybe you don’t need those plate chargers, and there is another better option out there. Or maybe she knows of another invitation artist that can do the custom invite you so want to be done, but at a fraction of the cost…

Much of the time it’s by guiding you on what purchases you should make or what options of vendors are good which can save you money, but also many planners have long standing relationships with your vendors and can find wiggle room when it’s needed to help a budget along.

5)You save on stress not only for you but for your bridal party and family too!

I see it all the time, when there isn’t a planner involved, the groomsmen turn into the muscle to move things and the bridesmaids turn into the decor specialists, all while they are needing to get ready for the day themselves and have photos done. It makes for a frantic and stressful day for all. Your bridal party should be there to hang out with you and support you on your wedding day, not be the setup crew, and your parents should be able to relax and enjoy the guests and being honored guests without having to do any setup themselves.

Help your own stress level as well as all of theirs by hiring a planner to take care of all these details for you!.

Now, what if, you say you like the details and don’t want a planner to be there to do full planning? Well, that’s great because the vast majority of planners I know offer both full planning and also the month of planning.

Full planning is always more expensive, but you are basically hiring a full-time bestie for the year before your wedding who will help you decide and weave through all your wedding planning decisions on top of being your point person on your wedding day. All the while allowing you to relax and enjoy while getting the wedding you want.

Then there is month of planning, which is where your planner comes in the month before the wedding, finalizes all your vendor contracts and payments and makes sure everyone needs to know what they need to know and then learns what your vision is and takes the reigns on the rehearsal and wedding day to let you relax and enjoy. 

Two different options for two different needs, but at the end of the day, I hear more often than you could imagine that some of the best money they spent on their wedding is their planner.


I’ve worked with a number of great planners here in the Seattle area, and a couple of my favorite are

Stephanie at Every Last Detail LLC

Either Holly or Bridget at  Perfectly Posh Events

Natalie at GingerBee Weddings

Megan at Clutch Events

 and Holly-Kate at  Holly-Kate and Company.

(There are SO many more, but that is a good starting point!) 

 Go check them out if you need to check “hire a planner” off your todo list!

What are your thoughts on wedding planners? Jump in on the conversation below!

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