biopic1_1434654598Hey there! I’m Becca, the gal behind the camera.

Glad you’ve come across my little spot on the internet, welcome.

I’m a gal who believes in the power of a photograph. It’s something that can transport you back to another time in your life, and it helps keep your memories strong. I’ve been documenting the lives of people just like you from engagement and wedding, onto babies and growing families for 10 years. Enough time to know the true lasting power of a photograph printed on your wall and the ability an image can transport you back in time.

I believe about the connection you have with each other is the most important part of your wedding day. The connection you have when starting your marriage is what you build your life on and I want to show that. I show the moments in between the planned parts. I want to show your personality shining through, be it a Tardis on your wedding cake, your gnome socks, your custom rings or just your fun personalities.

I want to allow you the time on your day to focus on each other while I capture the moments, the hugs, the smirks and the kisses that will transport you back to this day even if 50 years have passed. If you drum to a slightly different beat, you love randomly doing headstands for no reason, or just love to snuggle,  I want to capture that. A moment passes but has the chance to be stilled and  memories are made.

I cherish these memories, and it’s something I absolutely love to be able to create for you as well. I love capturing the love of any couple. Whether you are hetero or homosexual, tall or short, funny or goofy. If you love each other and are down to have some fun, laugh and be yourself and are creating a day that is what you want and not just what the  the blogs tell you should have, I’d love to hear from you.

Life is a journey and it should be remembered. Let me help you keep your wedding memories vibrant. Just email me to schedule your consult (or click the contact me tab above and fill out the contact form).

If you’re still on the fence, check out these 5 reasons you’ll also be happy you called me 


For those who want to know a bit more about what makes me tick on a personal level:
• I have a slight addiction to Oreos… and I like to share. If we become friends, I’ll share with you:)
• My husband Pete is my best friend. We met at 17 and 19 as ravers, now we are parents in our 30s. It’s been a wild ride and gets more interesting every year.
• I’m a night owl but am forced to be up early because of my kids…..so coffee.
• I drink coffee until it’s socially acceptable to drink wine (kidding not kidding)
• I was born in a hippie commune. My name was Joy, and my brothers were Daring and Deliberate.
• I have a degree in commercial photography, but found the people and the connection in weddings was much more fulfilling than models.
• Socks should never match in pattern, but should always match in length.
• I don’t mind saying stupid things if it will make people smile…. some even say it’s not on purpose (it’s my charm I swear!)
• I’m very competitive with card games…. not good at them, just competitive and I will talk sh*t even when losing.
• Solitary trees stop me in my tracks.
• I have two kids that believe that head butting is a sign of affection. They haven’t swayed me to their ways yet.
• The first question I have at any bar is if they have Manny’s Beer… and I contemplate not drinking if they don’t.



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