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ellison family by Barbie Hull Photography

 Hey there! I’m Becca. The gal behind the camera. Glad you’ve come across my little spot on the internet, and I encourage you to take a look around. Check out my work, and also please stop by the albums page where you can start thinking about what you want to do with all your wedding images after the day is done.

I believe that my job is not only to create images you will treasure, but also to help you by developing the story from your day and creating that album for you. A story is not told in 800 images on a disc, but through a select 150 in your album that bring the memories to life.
I’m sure you can see through my site, that you can trust I will capture those moments you hold dear. Truth be told there are a lot of photographers out there who can do the same thing. Beautiful imagery is really not the reason you hire me. It’s a given that I will deliver that. I have 8 years of wedding seasons proving so. You hire me because of what else I bring to your day.
When you hire me, I come for your whole day : full coverage . From getting ready on through the beats on the dance floor. I’m here to tell your story, not to make you cram “photo worthy” moments into an X hour day. We have the opportunity to take our time and create the memories that make for those amazing moments. I work really well under pressure, (which in part is why I love weddings so much) and why that matters to you, is that when the timeline goes astray (which it will inevitably do) we will still have a great time, and you will still end up with images you’ll love.
For some more reasons why to hire me, check out 5 Reasons to Hire Becca
So once you’ve looked around, come say hi. I’d love to invite you in, share some wine or beer and talk about what is important to you. Just click on the contact me tab in the menu to get in touch!

And a couple fun tidbits about me…
  1. I have a slight addiction to Oreos… and I like to share
  2. I’m a night owl (not like a hoo hoo owl…but I am up late)
  3. I got a degree in commercial photography, but found my passion in weddings 
  4. Matching socks are not nearly as fun as mismatched ones
  5. I have a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter and love the crazy ride of parenthood.
  6. My kids socks don’t match either.
  7. I don’t mind putting my foot in my mouth if it will make people smile.
  8. Very competitive with card games…. not good at them, just competitive.
  9. Coffee and I are the bestest of friends.
  10. Solitary trees always catch my attention.
  11. I have two kids that believe that head butting is a sign of affection. They haven’t swayed me to their ways yet.
  12. The first question I have at any bar is if they have Manny’s beer… and I contemplate not drinking if they don’t.
  13. My husband and I met at 17 and still like each other 14 years later…. so we’ve got that going for us.
  14. Boot sales are a quick way to dent my bank account.
  15. Poop is funny. Enough said.
  16. I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Just give me five minutes.
  17. I LOVE learning new things, and my current addiction is business books.
  18. My husband has a list of ridiculous things I’ve mispronounced. Nope. Not joking, he claims they are pure gold.
  19. People say I put them at ease when I photograph them. I just want you being you. Simple as that 😉
  20. The better the movie is, the more likely I am to fall asleep in minutes (especially if I have a blanket). If it’s a horrible movie though, sadly, I will stay awake through it all
  21. How do you make a hankie dance??? <—— you put a little boogie in it (HA!)

special thanks to Barbie Hull  for the family photo!

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