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This gallery highlights babies from day 1 to day 365.

How Old Should My Baby Be For Newborn Photos?Shooting in your HomeWhat to Have on Hand
There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby that’s one of the reasons I love newborn photography!

There is magic in the size of a newborn, and their little features, their sleepy yawns and the adoring looks they get from their tired but extremely happy parents. Most newborns shown here are between 5-10 days old when a baby is still as flexible as they were in the womb, they still sleep a lot and fit so snugly into your arms.

(If your baby is past that age, don’t worry, you will still get great images, you baby will just be more alert!)

For other mile markers, popular times to photograph your child in their first year are 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Or, some clients choose to schedule by milestone more than by age. When baby can sit, crawl, stand or walk are all fun times to capture the change in that first year!

Are you worried about the state of your home for a photo shoot, so soon after having a baby?

The first weeks of having a baby are a bit of a whirlwind, and household chores regularly get put on the back burner. Don’t worry, I expect things to be a bit… rustic, so please don’t stress yourself to clean for me.

For the pictures of the baby, other than their clothes they will be wearing and the blanket they are on, we won’t be seeing much of any other surroundings for the majority of the shoot. You can absolutely get some photos of baby around the house too, but it’s not necessary at all.

If everything is not perfect, don’t worry as things can be moved out of the way if they are in the way of a shot. If shooting in your home is something that you’d rather not do, let me know and you can schedule the newborn session to be at my home studio in North Seattle.

Here is a quick list of things good to have on hand for your newborn shoot.

- a naked baby! Start out with baby well fed, and swaddled in just a diaper. The session will start with baby naked and (hopefully) all sleepy.
- 2 outfits. Please default to the outfits that fit over the ones that are cute. A cute outfit that is too big looses it’s cuteness when the baby is lost in it;)
- diapers, burp cloths, and wipes. When we take pictures of baby naked, they will likely burp up, poo or pee. Don’t worry, I expect it and all things shot on are completely washable. It’s not controllable, so it’s great to have the items needed for cleanup close at hand. And I come prepared with waterproof liners to go underneath any blanket that is shot on so furniture doesn’t get soiled.
- favorite/special blankets. I will bring my own options , but it’s nice to include any that mean something to you. – a hat or two if you have any you really like.

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