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Seattle Portrait Photographer

Life is fast, and gets faster every year. With all of us committed to so many different things, life can pass us by, but there are times when you want to slow down, hold on and remember every moment. Starting a family, or adding a new sibling to your family is one of those times.

Times where life stays moving at warp speed, but times where you want to hit pause and soak up every moment. These are moments of great happiness in your life, and times when the regular snapshot on your phone, destined to be lost in the masses of snapshots on a hard drive just won’t suffice.

These are times where you deserve beautiful images of the life you’ve created, along with heirloom prints and albums to showcase your happiness of these times.

I am  a Seattle portrait photographer to capture these times for you. To create these beautiful images and lifelong products will will bring you happiness more and more as the years pass. From snuggling so close feeling that baby in your belly, to marveling at the tiny little hand wrapped around your finger and on to the rambunctious laughter of your kids being kids.

As, these memories we capture and of you and your kids will not only bring you happiness, but will bring your kids legacy and a sense of home and being loved every time they see their own growing selves in these images  through the years.

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Learn What to Expect During your Portrait Session

What to Expect During Your Portrait Session

What happens when I schedule a photography session?
After booking and holding a date with your session fee, you will receive a brief questionnaire where I will get to know a bit about you, your family, your ideal session, and more. We talk about what it is you want to capture of this time in your life, whether it’s a maternity session, or newborn or a family session. They are all unique and usually you will have an idea in mind that you want to capture.

Where does the session take place?
Most sessions take place at your home or another location that is meaningful to you. Clients often say, “but my home doesn’t look like the ones on your website!” and feel that everything must be perfectly decorated and, well, perfect. Please know that just outside the frame in many images were toys that didn’t get put away, a patch of lawn in the midst of being landscaped, or a pile of laundry that understandably didn’t quite find its way into a drawer the first week baby arrived.

What should I wear?
When you book you’ll receive a {what to wear} style guide that offers wardrobe inspiration and I’m always happy to help you choose outfits from among your favorites, whether are picked out beforehand or we delve into the closet together at home. The biggest rule to remember is to be yourself and to be comfortable! Also, ideally, the wardrobe choices will look at home in the rooms where wall portraits will be displayed.

How much time should I plan for the session?
Most often sessions last around 1 to 1 1/2 hours, with a bit longer for newborns. This gives us plenty of time to get to know each other, to have a snack if needed, to “play” instead of merely “pose and smile,” and in the middle of it all to capture a beautiful variety of images. It’s best not to over-schedule session day whenever possible so that kids (and adults!!) feel fresh and no one is anxious or rushed.

How many people are included in the session?
Sessions are for your immediate family.  While the impulse to include cousins and other family members is understandable and a fun thought, what’s less obvious is that this decision truly turns the session into something completely different and by its very nature less intimate. Babies and children also find having so many people around distracting and capturing them at their best becomes considerably more challenging.

When will we see our images?
About 2 weeks following your session you will receive word that your images are ready for viewing.  We’ll schedule a good time for you to come and do an in person ordering session where you can see all the prints and products we offer and decide what portraits will work best for your family. I select the best images from your session to show, typically around 35-40.  I’d love to help you discuss your favorites, plan a wall gallery, or choose images for an album.

We simply cannot wait to receive our portraits and albums!  When will they arrive?
Albums arrive around 2-3 weeks after your order is received, while images and canvases take a little bit less time.

Do you archive session image files?
Purchased images are archived and available for re-order for one year.

I love all of the images. How will I ever decide?
This is by far the number one question clients ask, and most decide simply NOT to decide at all! Instead they select first a “have them all” option, whether a brag book or an heirloom album.  While you then may choose a few more favorites for wall displays or gift prints for grandparents, the “hard work” of choosing that we, as busy people, seldom find time for, will already be done.

Do we get the digital files?
There is a $50 print credit with each session fee, but that does not include digital files. While they are not the main focus of our studio, digital files are available for purchase.  That is because I believe the memories of your family should be on your wall and presented in heirloom products and not stored on a hard drive somewhere.
A low resolution  watermarked image is provided with each image that has a print order. While not of print quality, these low resolution images are perfect for the backdrop to your smart phone and for your social media profile. Print quality images are available to purchase a la carte.

What is the investment?
There is no minimum order requirement but many signature session clients generally reserve anywhere between $700 and $1100 for their session.  This amount allows them to have each of the images from their gallery in a beautiful heirloom album as well as wall art including gallery wrap canvases and high-resolution digital images with reprinting rights.

Custom portraiture is an investment and am honored when clients choose me to create artwork for their family.  After all, portraits are one of the few significant purchases we make that will someday be owned and cherished by the very subjects in them. My children will likely never want to own my Subaru or my flat screen tv,  but they will cherish the portraits of our family all the days of their lives, as will their children. This is an investment that only becomes more valuable with time.


Becca captures these special moments in life that have turned in to the best art in my house! I am so happy to have met her, she was first our wedding photographer and the moment I saw our pictures I knew she would be there to catch so many more moments in our life. Now as my family grows she’s captured all these new moments from maternity to newborn and beyond! She has been there for some great life moments with so many friends and there are so many more to come, the best part is seeing these moments in your home every day!

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